Use Cases

Automate First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Routing using AI

Delight customers by speeding up FNOL routing and processing

Manually routing FNOL can be challenging and time consuming

First notice of loss (FNOL) routing is a critical but often overlooked component of the insurance claims process. When an insured reports a loss, it is the insurer's responsibility to route the FNOL to the appropriate claims adjuster. However, this can be a challenging, as there are often multiple adjusters who could handle the claim, and the insurer may not have all of the necessary information to make a decision.

AI-driven FNOL Routing

Speed up FNOL routing and claims processing

AI can quickly learn from past claims to determine the right pool of adjustors for a given FNOL and route optimally among them based on current workload.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

Transform claims processing experience

Accelerate Claims Processing
Speed up FNOL routing and processing
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Delight customer satisfaction by speeding up claims processing
Reduce Errors
Reduce errors by correctly routing and processing claims from the beginning

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