Use Cases

Automate Logo Redaction with AI

Automatically redact logos that represent specific retailers, sports teams, media networks, products, companies, and more. Logo redaction makes it possible to efficiently and effectively control where and how businesses are represented.

Control Where and How Your Brand is Represented

Product placement is when brands pay money to have their products featured in a television show or film. Product displacement is the opposite, when a trademarked product or brand logo is removed due to a licensing dispute, the production wanting to avoid "free advertising," and other reasons.

AI-automated redaction helps companies detect and redact instances where their logo has been displayed without their permission, or a in a way they don't agree with. TV shows and films often attract a lot of attention, so companies are more likely to recognize and respond when their brand is misused in them. However, in the digital age it is unsustainable to rely on manual efforts to identify and redact every instance where your logo appears without permission. Instead, leverage AI to detect and redact your logo online, in video, images, documents, or any other unstructured data type automatically.

AI-automated Logo Redaction

Take control over your brand

Identify logos in images and videos automatically using a model trained on the world's biggest logo dataset. Determine logo size, clarity, centrality, and exclusivity, using an algorithm fine-tuned using human response data. Detect where a logo is located on any object (i.e., building, sign, car, etc.). Redact logos at scale thanks to super.AI's Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) Platform.


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Key Benefits

Scale Redaction
AI-automated redaction gives organizations control over their identity at scale.
Improve Accuracy
Identify and redact logos in videos, images, and more at scale with guaranteed accuracy.
Save Time
Eliminate manual labor from redaction and free up human resources to focus on work that matters most.

Remove manual effort from redaction entirely, drastically lower costs.

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