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Automating Product Content QA for Target


About Target

  • Target (NYSE: TGT) is the 8th largest retailer in the United States, and a component of the S&P 500 Index
  • $99.6B annual revenue (2021)
  • 350,000+ employees
  • Stores in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia
  • 75% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Target store

Challenge: Maintaining quality while scaling e-commerce product listings

Our customer is Target, one of the largest American retailers. The company partners with hundreds of vendors that are constantly uploading new product listing content to their website. They realized that they had a lot of product content at their disposal, but no insight into the actual quality of data or how this can be used to gain insights into conversion improvement or creation of additional sources of revenue.

Target wanted to automate quality assurance inspection for the content (images, descriptions, and reviews) in their product listings and create a scorecard for vendors that rates content after it is uploaded. Vendors would then receive guidance on how to best optimize their submitted product content to maximize sales and ultimately prevent users from encountering low quality product content.

Solution: Automating product listing quality assurance with super.AI

The customer reached out to us to help with improving the categorization of their vendor uploaded content and to use product metadata to build a recommendation engine. To simplify this process for the customer and eliminate the need for IT resources on their side, super.AI scraped product content from their website and then:

  • Categorized the images 
  • Scored the products by adherence to customer guidelines, variety, and quality
  • Rolled up the product scores to the brand and category level

This information was then combined with transaction data and used to compare products to create a recommendation engine and calculate lift from content improvement.

Results: 96% automation with up to 99% accuracy

Target is now able to automate 96% of product listing inspection with up to 99% accuracy, drastically reducing the time and resources required to maintain quality levels while also increasing the scope of products inspected. Additionally, the company had granular product content metadata, which was used to build product recommendation models. For the first time, the company was able to launch product recommendation campaigns via email and their website, improving the bottom line for themselves and their third-party vendors.


Project Highlights

  • Target was able to automate 96% of quality assurance product listing inspection with up to 99% accuracy.
  • The company initiated product recommendations via email campaigns and on their website for the first time.
  • Super.AI has processed 3M product listings, 12M images, and 40M quality assurance questions.


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