Super.AI Architecture

Explore our advanced and robust architecture that drives efficient document processing, expertly combining AI, software, and human intelligence for outstanding results.
AI App Marketplace
Accelerate Automation: Browse our extensive library of pre-built AI applications to streamline document processing tasks, and tailor them to your specific requirements for a customized and efficient solution.
Unified AI Platform
Reporting & Analytics
Security & Privacy
Efficient Task Orchestration: Streamline your processing with our sophisticated workflow system, breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps and intelligently stitching them together.
Intelligent Resource Allocation: Set your desired quality, cost, and speed thresholds, and let our Optimizer automatically select the optimal mix of AI, software, and human workers to meet or exceed your expectations.
Effortless Task Distribution: Rely on our Router to automatically assign tasks to AI, software, and human workers, ensuring seamless and efficient processing across all components of the system.
Unified High-Performance Outputs: Benefit from our Combiner, which intelligently merges results from AI, software, and human workers into a single, cohesive output, based on the most performant outcome for each specific task.
Consistent Excellence: Maintain superior output quality with over 150+ Quality Assurance mechanisms, including human review for low-confidence results, guaranteeing that deliverables consistently meet or surpass user-defined thresholds.
Elevate AI Performance: Continuously improve your AI models with our advanced Trainer component that utilizes user feedback, quality assurance insights, and expert supervision to refine model capabilities and ensure outstanding results.
Gain Valuable Insights: Leverage our comprehensive reporting and analytics module to monitor your AI processing performance, track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize efficiency and outcomes.
Trust in Our Commitment: Safeguard your valuable data with our stringent security and privacy measures, including encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry-leading standards, ensuring the utmost protection for your business.
Seamless Connectivity: Simplify your workflow with our easy-to-use Integrations module that connects Super.AI Architecture to your existing software, tools, and platforms, enabling a unified and efficient experience.
External AI Models/Workers
Expand Your AI Capabilities: Incorporate external RPA bots and AI models from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, OpenAI, and more into your data processing pipeline, enabling a diverse range of solutions and increased flexibility.
Data Processing Crowd/In-house Human Workers
Harness Human Expertise: Tap into our global Data Processing Crowd or utilize your in-house experts to enhance AI outputs, verify results, and tackle complex tasks, ensuring the highest quality deliverables.
Public or Private Cloud
Choose Your Deployment: Opt for the flexibility of our public cloud offering or the enhanced security and control of a private cloud deployment to suit your organization's unique needs and preferences.
Latest AI Models
AI models develop far too rapidly for proprietary approaches to compete with those built by industry heavy weights like Amazon, Google, and OpenAI. Harness the collective intelligence of GPT-4 and other cutting-edge AI models out of the box.
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Multiple Machine Learning Techniques
Don’t let limited data or resources slow down your document automation initiatives. Predict new classes with minimal labeled data thanks to zero-, one-, and few-shot learning. Leverage foundation models to quickly launch projects with high automation rates, then fine-tune them with your feedback using direct labels or regular expressions.
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On-demand Human Ingenuity
Most AI solutions require humans to handle exceptions, errors, and edge cases. But these costs are seldom acknowledged by providers. At super.AI, we embrace the human component of AI. Our Data Processing Crowd is a network of vetted and trained experts that has been engineered into our system. Automate 100% of complex document processing tasks from day one without worrying about hiring, managing, or scaling your own workforce.
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Guaranteed Quality, Cost, and Speed
We don’t just promise vaguely good quality, low cost, and rapid results—we guarantee them. Define your own quality, cost, and speed thresholds for document processing tasks, then let us take care of the rest. Our platform uses 150+ quality assurance mechanisms to ensure that every result meets or exceeds your expectations.
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Keep your data secure and compliant

Super.AI offers enterprise-grade security.
  • Support SOC 2 and GDPR compliance
  • Granular role and user management
  • Detailed audit trails and logs for each document
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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Automate information extraction from any business document with guaranteed quality using next-generation AI and Data Processing Crowd.
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Download the Super.AI Guide to Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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