Automate More Processes Faster

Maximum Flexibility
Mix, match, and combine AI models and services to achieve the best results possible for a given use case.
Guaranteed Quality
Intelligently route tasks between any combination of AI, human, and software workers to guarantee results.
Automatic Automation
Continuously learn from human workers to create new AI models and increase automation rates.
Highest ROI
Abstract complexity and focus on results. Automatically balance quality, cost, and speed for optimal performance

Platform Performance

One Platform, Any Data Type

Rely on fewer vendors. Process any unstructured data type.



Extract details and analyze any business document regardless of formatting including invoices, purchase orders, forms, claims, loans, contracts, and more.



Process any unstructured text data automatically including balance sheets, customer support communications, and more.



Save time and resources while improving accuracy by automating visual inspection, data extraction, quality assurance, and more business image processing tasks.



Leverage video data to automate complex processes such as visual inspection, crop quality assessment, and more.



Get more from audio data with automated call transcription, data extraction, and more.

How It Works

Quickly turn your AI model into an AI application in five simple steps.
Select Application
Select one of the pre-configured applications from our marketplace or work with super.AI to build a custom solution.
Define Goals
Set user defined parameters to balance quality, cost, and speed. The platform then automatically routes tasks between AI, humans, and software workers. Fine-tune routing and access control to safeguard quality and security goals.
Upload Data
Upload data to the super.AI UDP Platform manually, via API, or though an integration.
Control Quality
Over 150 quality control mechanisms are used to guarantee data quality. Review the output to make sure it meets your standards, and quickly make updates or submit data for reprocessing using our intuitive dashboard.
Get Results
Once processing is complete, results can be downloaded manually or automatically via API calls.

Key Platform Capabilities

Streamlined Data Integration

Seamlessly upload and download data securely via spreadsheets, files, or API.

Comprehensive AI Workflow

Break  complex data processing tasks into simpler ones, then route each task intelligently to AI, humans, or software for optimal results.

Smart Combiner

Intelligently combines results from multiple AI, human, and software workers into a single output.

Active Trainer

Learns from humans to deploy new AI workers and continuously improve automation rates.

Reimagined Human-in-the-loop

Intelligently route tasks to humans for annotation/review, measure their performance, and auto escalate to meet/exceed quality goals.

Quality Controls

150+ quality control mechanisms monitor input data, workers, tasks, parameters, and output data.

Automate End-to-End

The super.AI Platform integrates with CRM, ERP, RPA, and other software to bridge gaps in your
existing investments and enable your organization to automate processes end-to-end.