Use Cases

Imagine hands-free claims data extraction

Vying for customer loyalty means juggling incoming claims in any format including emails, texts, chat, and images. All of the unstructured claims report data must then be processed, by hand, to extract data from the received images, information, and forms — in a neverending array of data formats.

AI-driven automated claims report data extraction, delivers step-change in insurance claim processing accuracy and speed, fueling risk management, fraud detection, and customer satisfaction.

Make quick work of claims processing with AI-driven data extraction 

Insurance customer loyalty hinges on rapid claims processing. Claims operations productivity and cost effectiveness relies on claims data availability. Fraud detection and risk management require data with pinpoint accuracy. Fuel them all by automating claims data extraction.

Super.AI enables you to extract, classify, and analyze unstructured data in claims, incident reports, and loss notifications and estimates at speed and scale and with higher accuracy than ever before. Extracted claims information can be used by fraud detection models and to support streamlining risk analysis and underwriting.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

What’s the impact of AI-driven data extraction on claims processing?

Increase accuracy
Eliminate data extraction errors from day one with AI that continues to improve over time.
Accelerate claims handling
Automate claims data extraction for faster claim triage, timeliness, and accuracy.
Enhance underwriting
Improve access to internal and external data sources to enhance risk analysis and fraud detection.

Claims report data extraction in 3 easy steps


Receive insurance claim reports from policyholders in any format, including images and unstructured text. Super.AI can handle any kind of unstructured information.


Unstructured claims data is uploaded to Super.AI's platform automatically or manually. Artificial intelligence (AI) then extracts pertinent, user-defined details from each claim.


Use the clean, machine-readable extracted claim report dataset immediately for claim processing, fraud detection, or risk analysis. 

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