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Communication Records Redaction

Ensure confidentiality and compliance by automating the redaction of sensitive information from all communication records.
An image displaying a document titled 'COMMUNICATION RECORDS' with sections of text redacted. The visible portions show headers like 'FROM', 'TO', 'SUBJECT', and 'DATE' along with a few lines of text in between the black redaction bars obscuring most of the content.
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Redaction Capabilities for Sensitive Information

Don't waste time training models or building templates. Our IDP solution recognizes common communication record fields out-of-the-box, and is flexible enough to adapt as your documents evolve.
A document outlining 'Extracted Fields/Information' from 'Communication Records', displaying two columns of related data points such as 'Contact Information', 'Name', 'Address', with more detailed items on the right side.
Fields that can be extracted:
Automate Redaction at Scale
Manage the complexity of communication records automated redaction, capable of processing high volumes of documents swiftly and accurately.
Streamline Record Handling
Simplify the management of communication records with automated workflows that remove sensitive content quickly and accurately.
Powered by AI
AI-driven redaction goes beyond the rigid rules of manual methods, adapting to various document formats and content nuances.
Guaranteed Results
With our automated redaction, quality, cost, and speed are certainties, not variables.

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