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Automated Customs Declaration Processing

Streamline the extraction of key data from customs declarations documents with our AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).
This image features a blank "OUTGOING DECLARATION" form with sections for exporter and consignee information, country of origin and destination, a declaration statement with signature fields, and a notice about legal accountability for false statements. Spaces for official use indicating licensing requirements are also present.
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Extract Essential Information from Customs Documents with Precision

Automate the data extraction from customs declarations without the hassle of manual input or error-prone template-based processes. Our technology adapts to your needs and document variations.
This image shows a blank "CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN" form with fields for exporter information, consignee details, transportation and route, description of goods, and authorization. The form features a pink and white color scheme, is divided into sections for clarity, and includes a certification area at the bottom right for official use.
Fields that can be extracted:
Accelerate Clearance Procedures
Reduce the time spent in customs with faster document processing, ensuring quicker clearance and delivery times.
Enhance Compliance and Accuracy
Use advanced AI tools to ensure higher data accuracy and compliance with ever-changing international trade regulations.
Reduce Operational Costs
Decrease manual labor costs and minimize the risk of costly errors or delays caused by manual data entry.
Facilitate International Trade
Automated document classification streamlines complex processes associated with international trade.

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