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Automate Dangerous Goods Declaration Form Data Extraction

Stop manually processing dangerous goods forms and let AI do the heavy lifting.

Manually Extracting Data from Dangerous Goods Forms is Tedious, Time Consuming, and Error Prone

The dangerous goods declaration form is a legal document that must be completed and submitted by the shipper or their agent before shipping any hazardous goods. Governments around the world require the document, and there are severe penalties for non-compliance. If a shipment contains dangerous goods, the shipper must know all the requirements for preparing and completing the form.

Dangerous goods declaration forms can vary by country and are often complex and confusing. Super.AI's Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) Platform uses artificial intelligence to automatically extract information from any document, regardless of how it is formatted, so that human workers can focus on work that matters. More than 90% of manual data entry can be eliminated by using UDP to automatically process dangerous goods declaration forms. Unburden employees from boring, repetitive data entry tasks while saving time and money.

Automatically extract data from dangerous goods declaration forms including:'

  • AWB number
  • Consignee
  • Shipper
  • Shipment type
  • Packing group
  • ID number
  • And more

Automated Solution for Dangerous Goods Declaration Forms Data Extraction

Let AI do it for you

Stop manually transferring data from dangerous goods declaration forms into reporting software, and let AI do it for you. Quickly and accurately extract any field from dangerous goods declaration forms, regardless of how they are structured, formatted, or digitized.


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Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Drastically reduce costs by 80% or more by automating inspection report data extraction.
Improve Accuracy
Eliminate human error from incident report processing with guaranteed accuracy.
Save Time
Reduce inspection report processing time by up to 5X with AI-powered automation.

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