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Dangerous Goods Declarations Document Automation

Ensure the safe and compliant processing of dangerous goods declarations with our AI-enhanced Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).
A blank 'DANGEROUS GOODS DECLARATION' form with blue-striped headers, ready for shipping hazardous materials information.
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Automate Data Extraction from Dangerous Goods Declarations

Our IDP solution automates the recognition and extraction of critical data from dangerous goods forms, adapting to regulatory changes and document formats.
A 'Commercial Invoice' template with red-striped borders, sections for seller and buyer details, shipment information, and itemized list of goods.
Fields that can be extracted:
Enhance Safety Compliance
Improve compliance with international safety standards by ensuring accurate and complete data extraction from dangerous goods declarations.
Minimize Risk of Errors
Reduce the risk associated with human error in the handling of hazardous materials through precise AI-powered data extraction.
Speed Up Processing Times
Accelerate the processing of dangerous goods paperwork, facilitating faster and safer shipping operations.
Improve Audit Readiness
Prepare for easy auditing with structured data extraction, ensuring that dangerous goods declaration details are accurately captured and readily accessible.

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