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Automate Incident Report Evaluation with AI

Stop manually processing incident report paperwork and let AI do it for you.

Manual Incident Report Processing is Tedious, Time Consuming, and Error Prone

Manually extracting data is time-consuming, error prone, and tedious. Yet many companies still rely on manual data entry to extract and capture important details from incident reports. Super.AI's Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) Platform uses artificial intelligence to automatically extract information from any document, regardless of how it is formatted, so that human workers can focus on work that matters. More than 90% of manual data entry can be eliminated by using UDP to automatically process incident reports. Unburden employees from boring, repetitive data entry tasks while saving time and money.

AI-automated Solution for Incident Report Evaluation

Let AI do it for you

Stop manually transferring data from incident reports into the software systems your organization relies on, and let AI do it for you. Quickly and accurately extract any field from incident reports, regardless of how they are structured, formatted, or digitized.


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Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Drastically reduce costs by 80% or more by automating incident report evaluation.
Improve Accuracy
Eliminate human error from the evaluation process with guaranteed accuracy.
Save Time
Reduce incident report processing time by up to 5X with AI-powered automation.

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