Use Cases

Serial number, model number, and everything in between

Classifying and entering nameplate data by hand is time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone—and painfully dull. Let AI simplify and accelerate the tedious process of extracting business-critical nameplate data by converting unstructured images into clean, machine-readable datasets.

Make sense of unstructured nameplate data

Streamline and expedite nameplate data extraction for testing, inspection, and certification services.

Enterprises invest billions every year in hands-on inspection and certification of equipment in buildings, mines, oil and gas fields, manufacturing facilities and more. Logging the nameplate details of each piece of machinery is repetitive, tedious, and error-prone work.

Apply AI to automate identifying and extracting equipment nameplate information from inspection images with Super.Image seamlessly executes nameplate data extraction, hands-free, to reduce processing time, cost, and errors.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

The value of AI for nameplate extraction

Reduce costs
Save up to 97% on operational costs
Improve Accuracy
Reduce errors and enhance data quality
Save time (and sanity)
Free up resource time by eliminating repetitive tasks

AI for nameplate data extraction, easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here's how Super.AI reduces nameplate data extraction to three simple steps.


Agents in the field take photos of nameplates. Don't worry about taking perfect pictures, Super.AI can accommodate odd angles, subpar lighting, and other variables that may impact image quality.


Unstructured image data is uploaded to Super.AI's object character recognition (OCR) platform automatically or manually. Artificial intelligence (AI) then extracts pertinent, user-defined details from each nameplate.


Newly extracted nameplate data is exported as a clean, machine-readable dataset. Briefly pause to appreciate the time and headaches saved by AI-powered automation, then get back to the work that matters most.

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