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Equipment Data Plate Automation

Effortlessly extract vital information from equipment name plates with our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology.
Equipment data plate form featuring sections for general information, technical data, and a central image of equipment, accompanied by detailed specifications and notes.
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Capture Essential Equipment Details with Precision

Automatically extract important details such as name, make, model, and serial number from equipment data plates, supporting effective asset tracking and management.
Document for equipment asset management detailing project and equipment information, maintenance records, and a sample equipment data plate image.
Fields that can be extracted:
Streamline Asset Management
Simplify your asset management by automating the extraction of equipment identifiers, improving the efficiency of inventory tracking and updates.
Enhance Maintenance Scheduling
Leverage extracted data to facilitate proactive maintenance planning and scheduling, minimizing equipment downtime and operational disruptions.
Improve Accuracy
Ensure high accuracy in capturing equipment details, reducing the likelihood of errors that can occur with manual data entry.
Boost Operational Efficiency
Increase the speed and efficiency of processing equipment data, allowing for quicker decisions and better utilization of resources.

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