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Faster, High-accuracy Data Extraction for Bureau Veritas

    About Bureau Veritas

    • Founded in 1828
    • Specializes in testing, inspection, and certification services
    • 84,000+ employees located around the world
    • Revenue of EUR 5,650.6 million [2022]
    • In 2023, Bureau Veritas ranked #1 in the S&P Global rating (DJSI)


    As a vanguard in the global testing, inspection, and certification sector, Bureau Veritas serves diverse organizations striving to establish unshakeable trust in their operations through certifying alignment with international operating standards. A critical part of their service offering revolves around accuracy in asset verification – a process that involves rigorous onsite inspections and meticulous documentation of equipment details.

    Representatives photograph equipment nameplates to capture essential data – model numbers, serial numbers, and manufacturing dates – which then must be painstakingly entered into their asset management systems, with no room for error.

    In a bid to improve accuracy, Bureau Veritas implemented an OCR solution to help in capturing the numerical information within serial plate photographs. While helpful for preserving accuracy, the tool fell short on efficiency gains. Inspectors still had to complete the tedious dance of selecting specific data within each image and nudging the OCR tool to extract the necessary information. Similarly, Bureau Veritas faced data collection and input lags in their stockroom inventory management line of business.

    The time-consuming and error-prone image data extraction processes took hours to complete and held teams up from moving on to the next project right away, causing a loss in momentum between onsite visits.

      Project Highlights

      • Adopted super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution to streamline and speed up extracting asset details from nameplate photographic images.
      • Achieved a 75% reduction in processing time for equipment nameplate data.
      • Realized more than 80% cost savings on data entry expenses alone.
      • Teams are now able to maintain momentum, and move quickly from one project to the next without lag.
      • Visionary collaboration that Bureau Veritas sees as keeping their business at the forefront of emerging tech trends and competitive positioning.



      Committed to innovation, Bureau Veritas sought to leverage AI through intelligent document processing (IDP) to automate and accelerate the data extraction, validation, and data entry process. The aim of increasing accuracy dovetailed with the goal to unburden teams from the monotonous and draining effort required to manually decipher and input repetitive data.

      The company was keen to find an AI-driven automated solution that would:

      • Reduce the error rate for information extracted from equipment serial plates
      • Reduce costs associated with deciphering information from photographed plates and manual data entry
      • Accelerate project turnaround time by automating data processing and integrating seamlessly with asset management systems
      • Free up teams to continue onsite work and maintain momentum between projects

      Working in partnership with super.AI, Bureau Veritas implemented our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution to accurately extract all nameplate data and input the information directly within the asset management system. The automated process reduced the time to process data from nameplates by 75% and eliminated manual data entry.

      A process that had required hours of skilled resource effort is now completed automatically in a few hours, achieving the goal of unburdening the project teams to maintain momentum and agility to focus on their next project.  From a cost perspective, Bureau Veritas reports more than 80% savings on data entry costs alone from implementing super.AI.

      "Super.AI literally cut our time 75% per project, just doing the data capturing. We capture the photo and send to super.AI and it’s pulled and viewed and captured and sent back to our system with a turnaround of a couple of hours, not more than a day."

      – Dan Mainwaring, Maintenance and Operations Program Manager, Bureau Veritas North America Group

      Bureau Veritas credits the clear and open communication between the super.AI and Bureau Veritas teams during implementation with enabling the rapid configuration of a finely-tuned solution that continues to improve on its own as it internalizes each new batch of data – and in turn, increasing the cost savings delivered by the automation over time. The experience of creating and running the solution has also informed the internal process for stockroom inventory asset management, enabling the Bureau Veritas team to set up internal processes more effectively.

      Looking ahead, Bureau Veritas envisions an exciting future with super.AI, continuing to improve data accuracy, and enhance processing speed while exploring new possibilities and anticipating further operational efficiencies. Bureau Veritas considers the collaboration with super.AI instrumental to continuing to adapt to emerging technological trends and maintain their competitive edge.

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