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Delivering Touchless KYC Data Processing for Nexi Group

About Nexi Group

  • Nexi Group is a payment technology/PayTech company driving the transition to a cashless Europe.
  • Headquartered in Milan, Italy, and operating in 25+ countries
  • Revenue $5.7B [2023]
  • 10,000+ employees
  • 2.4 M customers and ~170 M cards managed


Nexi Group is a payment technology leader, at the forefront of the transition to a cashless Europe. As a financial institution, Nexi faced an arduous challenge: the formidable mountain of paper-based KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) processes that stood in the way of a swift merchant onboarding journey.

While larger merchants often have incorporation documents available via API from centralized governmental digital systems, most merchants are sole proprietorships with paper-based documentation. During the onboarding process, details collected about the merchant and their business must be compared to the official business registration documentation to confirm accuracy and verify authenticity.

Nexi's objective to engineer a zero-touch onboarding process was held back by this tedious paper document verification process. Paper documents, once obtained, required skilled resources to work through government business registration forms, switching back and forth between documents and electronic record systems, inputting information by hand. The process was repetitive, time consuming, and required constant vigilant attention to detail.

This step of the onboarding process took several minutes per new customer at a minimum; multiplied by thousands of new customers joining Nexi each month, the process was an immense burden that resulted in delays during the onboarding process, a suboptimal customer experience, and above all, a continuous drain on employee satisfaction.

Nexi believes in the power of digital processes–processes that work seamlessly and intuitively to create added value. This outlook drove Nexi to search for a digital, AI-powered solution for the manual review process of merchant documents, one that leveraged the speed and precision of intelligent automation to move them forward in line with their vision of a streamlined, digital-first future.

Project Highlights

  • Nexi Group quickly streamlined the merchant onboarding experience with super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.
  • A high-accuracy solution, super.AI delivered a 99.9% accuracy rate for paper document data retrieval, right out of the box.
  • Automating the paper-based KYC and AML documentation processes has reclaimed approximately 400 hours each month.
  • The solution has empowered Nexi to optimize human resource allocation with employees redirected to more engaging and value-adding activities.
  • This strategic move reinforced Nexi's dedication to leading the charge toward a cashless, digital-first future in Europe.
  • Partnership with super.AI has exemplified the value of collaborative innovation.



Committed to digital transformation internally and externally, Nexi Group began the search for an effective intelligent document processing (IDP) solution to take on their paper-based KYC and AML processes, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. The goal was to automate and expedite the extraction, validation, comparison, and entry of data, while also freeing skilled workers from the monotonous task of manually comparing and inputting data from government business registration documents.

The company began an extensive search for the right AI-driven, automated solution that would:

  • Eliminate the manual work of reviewing, comparing, and entering data from paper business documents.
  • Deliver unmatched accuracy in data extraction and verification across diverse document and data formats.
  • Reduce costs associated with human resources required to manually process KYC and AML information and verification.
  • Accelerate customer onboarding by removing delays due to manual processing.
  • Integrate seamlessly with their existing technology stack and provide trusted and high-touch service and support.

Following an exhaustive RFP process, Nexi Group rigorously tested super.AI’s capabilities and functionality with a proof of concept (POC). Excited by the completeness of the solution, and bolstered by the sense of collaboration from the super.AI team, Nexi Group was eager to begin a long-term partnership.

Throughout the implementation process, Nexi Group remained amazed by the extent of super.AI’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution: its speed, accuracy, and capacity to self-learn and improve, combined with ease of use and seamless integration with Nexi Group’s existing tech stack. For example, the Nexi team was thrilled by the ability of the super.AI solution to consistently determine the names of locales throughout Germany across documents with city names in diverse and often fragmented formats – right out of the box.

Nexi Group was both pleasantly surprised and deeply appreciative of the exceptional level of human collaboration and support throughout the entire engagement with super.AI. From the initial interaction, through the joint implementation process involving technical teams from both Nexi Group and super.AI, to the ongoing support even after the solution was successfully deployed. The care and dedication of the super.AI team exemplified the true spirit of partnership.

"When we saw the quality of the automatically retrieved information from a piece of paper. We didn’t want a human comparing or inputting the information. When we ran the POC and after when we implemented the solution, when we actually saw how accurate the tool was reading the documents that was basically the moment when we saw this was the right tool for us. With super.AI it was really reading 99.9% of all the information in the document and allowed us to get rid of this manual process."

– Hagen Gall, Head of Merchant Onboarding and Operations Technology

With super.AI’s IDP solution, Nexi Group successfully eliminated the manual paper documentation review process during merchant onboarding, saving thousands of minutes/upwards of 400 hours each month across all new customers.

With the successful deployment of super.AI's intelligent document processing solution, Nexi Group has not only revolutionized its merchant onboarding process but has also gracefully navigated the arc from paper-based information to digitalization. The super.AI solution enabled skilled team members to be refocused on engaging, challenging work, and helped Nexi Group take a massive leap toward their organizational goal of achieving a zero-touch merchant onboarding experience, and reflecting their mission of empowering a cashless future for Europe.

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