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Fueling Global Growth With High-Accuracy Document Processing for Lano

About Lano

  • Founded: 2018
  • Global-first company headquartered Berlin, Germany
  • 100+ employees spanning 22 countries
  • 2,000+ customers with employees in over 170 countries
  • Revenue: $5.2M [2023]


As the number of freelancers and remote workers continues to grow, Lano is on a mission to support this shift by simplifying the process of hiring, onboarding, and paying global teams. By reducing the complexities of global employment and payroll for organizations operating internationally, Lano aims to reduce the complexity of global employment and payroll for organizations operating and growing internationally.

Customers rely on Lano for accurate, timely payroll processing support. Lano's success in this rapidly evolving market translated into processing steadily increasing volumes of customer documents, specifically pay slips and invoices. The increase began to reveal process pain points and bottlenecks for handling diverse and complex documents.

Lano‘s initial foray into automating invoice processing had limited success. An in-house automation-assisted solution suffered from high overhead due to constant maintenance and updates. The cost and difficulty of running the solution, coupled with high error rates, hobbled effective invoice processing.

For pay slips, processing remained manual. Diverse international formats, spanning more than 170 countries where customer employees are located, coupled with the inherent document complexity of pay slips, presented significant barriers to processing speed and accuracy.

The constant struggle to deliver their solutions had a negative impact on the team's morale, with high levels of frustration. Combined with errors, rework, and delays, the strain on the team had a direct impact on customer satisfaction, fueling a negative spiral.

While Lano remained steadfast in their commitment to high-accuracy payment processing, three years of steady growth in volume meant the Lano team had reached a tipping point. Accuracy and efficiency were suffering and impeding delivery of Lano’s core functionality to its customers. In an industry where speed and accuracy are paramount, resorting to manual auditing made Lano acutely aware of the urgency of finding an automated solution.

Looking at the market of AI solutions, all with lofty promises of easy PDF processing, was overwhelming. The team spent several months testing different tools only to discover that each one was too limited in scope to serve their needs.  Reflecting their unwavering commitment to quality for their own customers, the team did not compromise and continued the search, determined to find a true intelligent document processing solution with the depth and breadth of capabilities required.

Project Highlights

  • Lano dramatically transformed its document processing workflow with super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution, implementing the system in an unparalleled 2-week timeframe.
  • Achieving a near-zero error rate, super.AI has significantly increased Lano's operational efficiency and client trust.
  • The super.AI platform impressively handles documents in various languages and formats from over 170 countries, showcasing its advanced global processing capabilities.
  • By automating the intricacies of international pay slip and invoice processing, Lano has unlocked new levels of productivity, allowing its team to focus on value-adding activities and strategic growth.
  • The switch to super.AI has not only streamlined internal operations but also elevated customer satisfaction, solidifying Lano's reputation as a leader in efficient and reliable payroll processing.



Lano faced significant challenges processing pay slips and invoices. Integration times and data accuracy were the most critical pain points that needed to be solved urgently, with scaling the processes becoming more urgent with time. The opportunity to realize a step-change in efficiency drove their efforts to secure a suitable solution that would:

  • Eliminate the manual work of reviewing, comparing, and entering data from pay slips and invoices.
  • Deliver high accuracy in data extraction and verification across documents from 170 countries.
  • Empower non-technical teams to set up automations and run processes on their own with intuitive tools
  • Accelerate core service delivery to customers by removing delays due to manual processing, errors, and rework.
  • Integrate seamlessly with their existing technology stack and provide trusted and high-touch service and support.

In June 2023 Lano engaged with super.AI, leaving their first product demo feeling very impressed. From that day forward, the sales process was simple and fast. In just 3 weeks from contact to contract, Lano was on board with super.AI.

From the get go, the attentiveness of the super.AI team to Lano's unique business needs as they sought to understand what would deliver value to their customers was a major signal of confidence in the solution. Lano found super.AI's team to be “super professional”, indicating to them that, beyond the technical capabilities offered by the super.AI intelligent document processing platform, they had found the right partner.

"The fact that the team wanted to understand our specific needs. We deal with complex documents that require a high-degree of accuracy. If salaries do not get paid in the right amount, that’s a problem. Companies receive pay slips and its also a complex tedious process internally for clients to review and audit the data. So the team was listening to us, understanding our internal processes, and ensuring our customers get value out of it."

– Maxence Levasseur, Director of Operations, Lano

Similarly, the implementation process was smooth and collaborative, which stood out to the Lano team. Their prior experience with solution implementations involved headaches and lack of follow up from the vendor side; their experience with super.AI was the opposite. In addition, the super.AI platform has been easy and intuitive for Lano’s non-technical team members to use on their own, fueling productivity—and employee satisfaction.

With super.AI, Lano has fully automated processing complex international pay slips and invoices, eliminating the lags, errors, and bottlenecks associated with manual document handling. Process times are dramatically shorter, and accuracy is continually increasing.

"Super.AI enables us to deliver our core functionality to customers."

– Maxence Levasseur, Director of Operations, Lano

And the change is tangible for customers: The gatekeepers who track and audit payroll report seeing a dramatic increase in accuracy with their own eyes. With super.AI, Lano is not only saving time and frustration internally, they have gained the priceless benefit of making their customers happy.

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